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Building and launching consumer products is an exhilarating experience. It can also be extremely risky depending on the market positioning, amount of innovation, economic landscape and other variables.  For a long time, my motto was, “throw 10 darts…one might stick.”  In the case of pouring your hard earned money into a new fruit of labor, we’ve developed a calculated system of validating and testing new concepts before mass rollout.  Beyond consulting and coaching, these are principles my team uses in our own products and investments as well.

Mom always said it’s not nice to have favorites, but one of my most proud creations of all time is a hard cider brand called BLACKFIN.  You can read the entire story here:


In Testing• 

In 2017, we began manufacturing a line of performance carbon fiber racing frames for competitive cycling.  A market gap appeared in the cyclocross space, so we worked with contributors in the US, Europe, and Asia to create elite components for cross and XC mountain bike racing.

The frames have been in testing for two seasons with our sponsored teams and athletes.  We hope for a commercial release in the next few years.  Read more of the story by clicking the button to the right.

OUT &   About•

We’ve got an apparel product in test market based in Denver.  Our first pair of tech-forward yoga pants under the 14er Activewear brand is called the Nimbus.

The Nimbus utilizes a double-walled nylon/spandex blend, mesh ‘Stridevent’ leg panels, and convenient hip and back pockets. 


Next Up• 

The next beverage product we have in development is a kombucha called NOBILITY.  The blends will utilize bases of fruits including raspberry, apple, and strawberry mixed with botanicals and other ingredients like spearmint, hibiscus, and rhubarb. 

Nobility was originally planned to launch in the Seattle market.  We’re investigating multiple opportunities for product testing and rollout.