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KingMaker Protocol is a boutique brand and product development agency dedicated to creating disruptive products in the crowded consumer marketplace.  We got our start in the beverage industry doing development for breweries and wineries.  We now do work for all kinds of food and beverage products, recently including coffee, tea, kombucha, sparkling water, almonds, protein bars and more!

We’re dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, startup business, and local products move to the next level.  We believe in following your dreams and we’re here to help foster your dreams becoming a reality.



Over the years, we’ve done development for several companies, but the best are the fully immersive opportunities where we spend weeks, months, or more as a part of your team.   We’ve picked fruit, trained employees, learned about chemistry, sold, celebrated, and created as part of our clients’ family, as you’ll quickly become part of ours.  We specifically select clients that have the potential to become long-term partners and support each other’s pursuits for the future.

One of our most exciting ongoing projects is a canned wine brand called CASCADIAN OUTFITTERS.  To see the latest on news on the projects, see the latest blog posts here:

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Keep up to date with our latest clients and creations on the KMP web pages and social media.  There’s always something new!

 Tippler Tea Co. – Branding and Packaging – Los Angeles, CA

Paradigm Shift Wine – Branding and Packaging – Denver, CO

Cafe Racer Coffee Shop – Branding – San Francisco, CA

Cascadian Outfitters – Packaging – Benton City, WA

OKAN Outfitters – Brand + Product – Chattanooga, TN